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Birthday Prince Rhinestone Transfer

Birthday Prince Rhinestone Transfer

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Crystal AB Crystal Light Siam Capri Blue Citrine Fuschia Pink

Transfer size is 10" x 7". Choose your rhinestone color.

Recommended application settings:

Pre-press the item you are placing the rhinestone transfer on (e.g., shirt, jacket, tote, etc.) for 3 seconds. Separate the rhinestone transfer sheet from its white backing. Place the transfer sheet on the item of your choice. If any stones have shifted out of place, carefully shift them back in place using tweezers or your fingers. Place a Teflon sheet over the transfer sheet. Press the rhinestone transfer with a heat press at 320-325 degrees on medium pressure for 20 to 25 seconds. Before peeling off the transfer sheet, use a small towel or cloth to wipe over the top of the transfer sheet. This helps to adhere the stones to the fabric. Wait a few seconds, then slowly peel the transfer sheet away from the fabric. If stones are not sticking, heat press again for 4-6 seconds.